Duke Controller of XBOX is coming back this year with many awesome changes to it and also improved in its looks.This controller was firstly launched in 2001 but it was replaced by some other fascinating controller which was made in Japan.


During Launch(Duke Controller) :

It was very much criticised then because it was very bulky and huge as compared to the others controllers then.The original Duke controller had an 8MB of removable memory slot to save the game files.

Coming Controller :

The upcoming Duke Controller which is coming out in march will cost you around $70 approx.It will be expensive than the current standard XBox Controller,but still cheaper than that of XBox Elite Controller.
The new Controller will have mostly the same dimension as that of the original one but many functionality will be added there.It will have a standard USB cable plug in play slot,tiny shoulder buttons above the triggers.
And also an amazing OLED Display in the middle which looks very classy.The OLED display plays the Xbox logo on boot-up.
The report does not tells that this controller will be able to work wireless or not.It will work with the XBox 360 and all the versions of XBox One.And also work with windows 10 devices.

New Move :

This move can be said to bring back the nostalgia similar to that of rival Nintendo,bringing back the old NES Consoles.Though,Nintendo is been one of the most popular consoles of all times.As compared to Nintendo Controller XBox Duke Controller hasn’t been that popular.

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Moto :

Motive to bring back this Controller is to provide the XBox fans the best and an amazing things which they really deserve.That’s why they are preparing to relaunch it this March.

This Controller was not that successful back in the past in 2001.But Microsoft thinks to bring it back once more this year(in March) with best functions at a cost of $70.

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