Windows interface on android, here’s a guide on how to turn your android device interface completely into windows own, if you really fancy windows so much, then you’ll surely love this, you only need to install a single app for all this to work so don’t worry about tweaking anything.

Android os is totally incomparable to windows or any other mobile os you can think of, it availability of different apps is what makes most users enjoy it, it multitasking features is so nice that you can even run 10 apps at a time and you won’t be interrupted, despite being a fantastic os, people still want to try something new, people get indecisive at times and feel like wow, let me see if there’s any os that’ll beat android os interms of interface, which is why we’ve seen difrerent launchers like ios launcher, Windows launcher many more,  but we turn our focus on windows, and if you’re a fan of this os and want to have the interface on your Android device, you can read more about it from the steps below.

How To Get Windows Interface On Android

Just as i had mentioned above, you don’t need any tweaking to get this done, its just ab app you need to install, and nothing more.

Step 1 . You’ll need to download the windows launcher app from play store, you can just click on the blue link which takes you directly to playstore, this windows launcher is the best you can get in terms of having a windows interface on your Android device.

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step 2. After downloading and installing, now open the windows launcher and set it as default launcher so that anytime you turn up your phone, your default launcher won’t come up but your newly installed launcher ‘windows launcher ‘ will appear instead, you’ll get the exact window look on you android device, app appearance and settings will look exactly like that of windows, but don’t get excited too much because its Just a launcher.. Hehe hope you like it.

Final Words

Above all is how to get windows interface on your Android device, I’ll be writing about best windows launcher apps for android soon, so stay updated and don’t forget to share this post with friends.


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