Are you a small business owner and you’re looking to grow your business or provide the best customer service to your customers,  well its more easier now as you can get that done with the latest whatsapp business app which was developed by whatsapp inc, this app will help you out in so many areas of your business, now your customers can chat you up on your private number which will reflect not on your normal whatsapp but on your personal whatsapp business number, this app is still in development and at the same time available for downloads in some countries, might take few months before it becomes available in all countries, using whatsapp business app, you’ll begin to have more of a professional conversations with your customers, this app has some cool features which will make everything easier, even if you’re busy and your customers send you a message, they’ll get their replies without you responding to them, so take a look at the features below.

Whatsapp Business App
WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
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  • WhatsApp Business Screenshot
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  • Business Profile – now you can create a professional profile for your business, this will help your customers get in touch with you or even know more about your business, you can include your website, phone number, house address and also valid informations that’ll help your customers get to you easily.
  • Business Managing Tools – this makes you look more like a professional, if you’re busy probably away, you can easily create an automated message so anytime you’re away and your customers messaged you, they’ll get a reply that’ll notify them you’r currently away for some time.
  • Land-line / Fixed Number Support – if you have a land-line, you can use it for whatsapp business, once you’re about to verify the number, Just click on call me instead then write down your code and verify.
  • Run Both Whatsapp Apps – you can run both whatsapp messenger and whatsapp business app on one device, but you have to have different unique numbers for both apps.

These are the features of whatspp business app, please note that this app is built in the normal whatsapp messenger, which means some of the normal features of messenger are available to use on whatsapp business, you can see how awesome this app is, now its about using to for your own benefits, we’ll have to wait for more updates on when this app will become available In all countries, but if you’re in countries like United States or United Kingdom, you can download and enjoy this app.

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