Verify youtube accounts or channels without having to use own phone numbers, in todays articles we’ll show you how to verify your youtube accounts or youtube channels, so if you’re a youtuber, you’ll definitely need this article.

We all know anything related to google inc will surely  have a lot of scrutinity and accepts zero tolerance and we’ve seen examples of that from googles contextual ads company called adsense, any illegal or unusual activities leads to lifetime ban or temporary suspension, same applies to youtube, google tends to use youtube phone number verification to to protect it’s youtube community from spams and abuse, which is why there’s only a period of time before you either get suspended or receive a warning for delay in verifying your account.

Although most people don’t buy the ideas of using their personal phone numbers or any numbers they use to verifying online accounts, but as a youtuber, one must know that verifying of individuals accounts or channels is a necessity and not an option, but there’s an alternative to how you can get your youtube accounts or channels verified without stress, this requires using virtual number apps, so let’s get started.

How To Verify YouTube Account / Channel Without Phone Number

We’ve heard of apps that offers free virtual phone numbers to call and text anyone at any time or any place, we’ll list out the two best apps you can use, it’s free and very convenient to use.

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Veryify YouTube Account / Channel With Textnow

Textnow is an app that offers its users free working usa numbers to call, text and also verify online accounts, its the best for me actually.

Step 1. Download and install textnow app from google playstore or you can download directly with the link provided in the box shown here. Download Textnow

Step 2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the textnow app, now create an account with either your facebook account or use normal email address to sign up, once you’ve done that, you’ll get a free usa number pending on the phone code which you used.

Step 3. In the textnow app, tap on the 3 line icon, there you’ll find your virtual number, copy it then follow the steps below to veryify your youtube account.

Step 4. Now visit, then login with your email and password, then in the next screen, select your country and also click on call me with an automated voice message, add your text now phone number to it then click on submit.

Step 5. Click on “confirm” to confirm you can now receive the automated voice message.

Step 6. Now open back your textnow app, you’ll receive a phone call from youtube, you’ll be told to write down some numbers, write them dowm or cram them.

Step 7. Now head back to your youtube verification page, enter your 6 digits number and click on submit.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll see a message saying your account has now been verified, its just as simple as that.

Verify Youtube Accounts / Channel With Textfree

Textfree is another app which allows it users to enjoy free usa and canada  numbers, you can also use it to verify your youtube accounts, it works exactly like textnow, all you need now is to follow the steps above and use it to verify your youtube accounts or channels. you can download the textfree app directly from here. Text free Apk

Final Words

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Now you’ve finally learn how to verify your youtube accounts or channels without using your phone number, in case you have any questions or couldn’t get this done, please use the comment box or reach us via the contact form, we’ll respond asap.


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