Under construction (plugin), i’m sure that name isn’t new to some of us, although some haven’t heard of it, but am sure after reading this review about this lovely wordpress plugin,you’ll want to have it installed without thinking twice, there are some fascinating facts about this plugin, its cool, it has great user interface and many more. everything you need to know will be listed below, so take your time to read.

Under Construction, What Does It Mean??

Under construction is more like a notifier that lets users understand the current state of a website or a blog, sometimes when we visit some websites, we do see messages like site is undergoing maintenance, its very similar to under construction too.

under construction plugin review
under construction plugin review
under construction plugin review
under construction plugin review
under construction plugin review
under construction plugin review

Under construction is a wordpress plugin developed by Web Factory Ltd, this plugin has a free and pro version, having a pro version doesn’t mean the free version isn’t as useful as the pro version, but like we all know, the pro version will surely have more advanced features compared to free version, i’ll list out what makes them different though.

Features Of Under Construction Plugin (Free Version)

  • Basic Google Analytics Integration – with under construction plugin, you can easily integrate your google analytics code for easy monitoring of your site traffic.
  • Automatic Stop On Selected Date – as we all know that if we are to set an under construction page to our website or blogs, the start date and the end date are two essential part, this feature will automatically end the under construction notice it self.
  • 20+ Ucp Styled Templates – using the free version, you’re eligible to the use of 20+ templates and this will make your under construction page look more beautiful when your readers see it.
  • Optimized For Seo – Sometimes having an under construction page without a proper optimized seo can get you penalized by google and also make you lose readers, but with this plugin, you can easily set your seo during ucp.
  • Support Most Caching Plugins – under construction plugin generally support any type of plugins,so no need to panic.
  • Friendly User Interface – if you’ve never used this plugin before, there’s no difficulty in it as it will give you tips on how to build your first under construction page.
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I’ve listed out some of the features you’ll find in this free version plugin, now we turn our attentions to the pro version, you got to believe me, i’m stunned with the features this pro version has to offer.

Features Of Under Construction Plugin (Pro Version)

Honestly the developers of this plugin really deserve some credits, they did a great job by making sure they get their recognition amongst  wordpress users, with over 130k+ active users and a thousands of positive fiver-star reviews for the free version, wonder how awesome the pro version will be, though some free version features will be found in pro version, but pro still has an upper hand due to the extra awesome features added to it, the newly added features are written below.

  • Newsletter Module – with this feature, your readers can easily sign-up to your newsletter and receive updates any time you published or make changes to your UCP.
  • Drag & Drop Builder – with drag & drop, you can easily design your ucp page without having to face much stress,clumbersome  builders can be infuriating at times and that’s why you need this awesome page builder.
  • No Contact Form Setup – this feature has been automatically set, unlike the free version where you have to start setting up a new contact form, you have relieved of the stress in pro version though.
  • Import & Export Of Settings – if you wish to transfer your settings to another wordpress blog or website, this feature lets you do that easily.
  • Countdown Timer – after setting your end date for your ucp, you can still add some spice to make your readers or viewers anticipate the stop date of your ucp, countdown timer is really cool, you’ll surely love it.
  • Unsplash Api Integration – do you want to have more access to thousands of pictures? only this feature gives you that as you can have access to 300k premium photos.
  • 100+ Templates – having your own landing page, maintenance page or coming soon page being built buy you can be so cool at times, but if you wanna save time, you can use any of the already built templates here, you just have to make few changes to it.
  • Universal Autoresponder Support – you can use any 3rd party autoresponder system like MailChimp, Aweber, Mad Mimi, etc. and connect it to the plugin.
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That’s pro version, although there are tons of features left to be written, but you can easily find them at the official website of the plugin developers, before i round up this article,have you ever wonder what this under construction page could do for you?? never mind i’ll list some small info’s below.

Here’s What An Under Construction Page Could Do

Like i’ve said earlier, it lets your readers or views know the current state of your wordpress site or blog, it’s really cool as it doesn’t make you lose traffic.

Ucp plugin is really important most especially for websites, and using one will help save your website most especially against penalization from google, it help keeps your seo safe and clean,even with your website or blog not still available, it can still give you more subscribers and potential readers with its newsletter and mailchimp features.

Final Words

I guess you’ve seen why this plugin is so important and why you need one, just incase you found this article helpful,don’t forget to share it among friends and we do appreciate comments, so don’t forget to leave one behind.




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