This is the million-dollar question that many users ask themselves. And although anyone who likes these wonderful toys will advise you to invest some more money, we DO think that cheap projectors can be your solution in these cases:

  • You have never had a projector, neither cheap nor expensive, neither good nor bad, and you want to know how these devices work.
  • If you do not make expectations about the performance and benefits that I will offer.
  • You will use it as a springboard and then invest in one with superior benefits.

Top 5 Projectors

If your budget is small, you do not make expectations, and you want to know what these devices can offer you, then your solution goes through a projector that is around or under $100.

And this expectation is the key to the whole matter. Has not it happened more than once that you went to see a movie that you had not heard about it and it seemed so good? And yet, when they talk to you about one that you have to see yes or yes, then you go and it turns out that it was not so much. That’s what we mean by expectations.

  • That only looks good in the dark?
  • Does it make noise? Is the resolution low?

Well, logical, what did you expect? That’s why we always say that if your expectations are nil, and your goal is to discover how far these gadgets arrive, welcome. Most are cheap Chinese projectors. But if you prefer to invest a little more, then we recommend that you go through the HD projectors for home theater. An economical option, but not as cheap as this one.

Here we are going to show you a great selection of good, beautiful and cheap projectors, as the friends of the market say. And that they fulfill their mission perfectly: ” introduce you to the wonderful world of video projection “. After the time, when you see that it is too short, then you give yourself a whim with a better projector of a superior range.

1. Yaufey YG500 Projector

Top 5 best cheap projectors of all time

Its version of 1,800 lumens is the best seller on Amazon within its segment. Although for a little more we recommend jumping to the top model of 2,200 lumens. Worth.

This Chinese brand offers different models at different prices, but all cheap around $ 100.We have chosen your Yaufey YG500 of 1,600 lumens as the best cheap projector in features for a simple reason. While the rest of brands enter into a price war to see who is cheaper, this brand offers us different alternatives. And for a little more than $100 we can increase the benefits of our device.

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Of all the projectors listed here is the one with the best technical characteristics. Mainly superior brightness and contrast. That along with the resolution (this is still the same WVGA 800 × 480 offered by all) are the factors that make the product more expensive.

It’s not high definition, but it accepts Full HD full resolution, like everyone else. USB connection in addition to HDMI, VGA, AV and SD reader. And internal sound very similar to the rest: 2 speakers of 2 watts. They seem inadequate, but we can always fix taking out the external sound with the input of mini jack they bring. Finally, it is the one with the shortest projection factor. 1.3: 1, so we can put it closer than the rest to get the same screen size.

This projector is for you if …

  1. You prefer to pay a little more than $100 to increase benefits.
  2. You do not care if it’s an unknown brand.

2. Deeplee DP500 – cheap Chinese projector with elegant design

Top 5 best cheap projectors of all time

This Chinese brand, Deeplee, is entering strongly in the segment of low-end projectors. Your Deeplee DP500 offers very good features for its low price. The bad, without a doubt the brand. Many users distrust what is manufactured in the Asian giant.

But of course, within the lower range, offers some benefits somewhat superior to the rest. It is a very competitive projector in this segment of projectors below $100.

The native resolution is the same as all: 800 × 480, also accepting the display of contents in Full HD 1.080p. The built-in speakers, their keystone function, and the supported connections are practically already a standard (the famous HDMI, VGA, AV, USB and SD cards). However, it presents these improvements:

  • It has greater brightness and contrast ratio than its competitors in price.
  • It is silent, at the threshold of the human ear with an acoustic noise 20db.
  • The useful life of your lamp is 30,000 hours compared to 20,000 hours for the rest.

This projector is for you if …

  1. You do not care if it’s from a Chinese brand.
  2. If you renounce the brand you choose to have superior benefits. Being aware of the range in which you are. One of the cheapest projectors.

In this Techno Asian review, we can see the Deeplee DP500 in operation. In it, you can see its features and have an idea of ​​what these projectors are. Where they arrive, and what they can offer us.

Undoubtedly, this is your choice of cheap Chinese projector if the brand is not what matters most to you. For the (slightly) better benefits.

3. Excelvan UC40 – economic and balanced projector in benefits

Top 5 best cheap projectors of all time

Excelvan is an American manufacturer that does not sound the same, but surely you have had to see more than one device since they manufacture all kinds of consumer electronics. From aroma diffusers to led lights or Bluetooth to the car. Your Excelvan UC40 stands out for its unbeatable price. Right now, the most economical, and a more or less known brand.

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For this model, its more than 150 comments on Amazon give it an average of 4 points out of 5. What comes to tell us that all those people who had little expectations, has been surprised by what this device can do. Negative comments, as usual. Users who think that for that money they are acquiring something better and then they get frustrated. Anyway…

Although they advertise it as a mini led projector, it is more like a portable projector. Since it weighs more than a kilo and its dimensions are not so small. With a brightness, contrast, and resolution so low, its use is reduced to home. But at least it has its own speakers, which if they fall short has external audio output. And in connections does not present VGA (although today with HDMI should be worth).

This projector is for you if …

  1. You will only use it for home theater. It is not for professional use.
  2. You will be able to use it always in the dark, and you are one of those who does not care so much about resolution and contrast.
  3. You want to invest the minimum money to test these devices.

We leave you a Chinese user who teaches us how Excelvan UC40 is. Its contrast and resolution are what they are, but surely they take us out of trouble and entertain us with their screen of up to 130 inches.

Finally, we also like to teach the brothers or cousins ​​of the different projectors. In this case, your brother Excelvan GM60 you will find it at a similar price. In addition, it accepts 3D format and has a tad more contrast and luminosity. It also has a more compact size, considering it already a mini projector.

4. Crenova XPE 495 – cheap projector with good quality-price ratio

Crenova is one of the best-known Chinese brands. Yes, it’s Chinese, but it does not make things that bad the truth. An example is its Crenova XPE 495, which has a very good quality-price ratio. For a little more than the previous model we gain something in the brightness of your led bulb and in contrast. That the truth is to be grateful. It is a very sold product and with positive comments.

The other benefits are very similar to Excelvan. With internal speaker, external audio output and comes with HMI gift cable, what a detail! Its keystone function is very similar. Short, but includes it. It also accepts full Full HD resolution but does not play 3D.

This projector is for you if …

  1. It is for domestic and non-professional use. In fact, they have the detail of putting it in the description of the product.
  2. You want something more brightness and contrast, that undoubtedly your movies will thank you.
  3. You also want to play video games, like the PlayStation or the Xbox. This cheap projector for video games will give you a better result.
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We also show you another video where a British user shows us his newly acquired Crenova XPE460. It is the previous model to the current 495. The only difference is that the one now has longer lamp life.

And as you can see, the quality of the image is not that it is the panacea, but there is some improvement over the Excelvan. Therefore, a more than accurate choice if you are looking for a cheap video game projector.

5. Mpow LCD projector – projector with cheap wifi

Mpow is a brand very similar to Excelvan, a manufacturer of electronics accessories. Your Mpow LCD projector is a mix of the two previous models. It has the contrast of the Excelvan and the brightness of the Crenova. But its differential point, its advantage for what it costs more, is its Wi-Fi connection. To forget the annoying cables when connecting any smart device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

For the rest, characteristics very similar to the previous two. A built-in 3-watt speaker that seems insufficient. Enough connections with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and SD. A screen of 120 inches and weight of almost a kilo. The design is almost identical, they all seem the same.

If you like the invention of the wireless connection and want to gain something in contrast (800: 1), then we recommend the Hizek projector. Very similar (not to say almost identical). The quality of the image in your home theater or in your video games will increase a bit, which is always appreciated.

This projector is for you if …

  1. You want wifi connection. That is your main advantage. Forget about cables to connect your computer, mobile or tablet.
  2. You need something more brightness but knowing that you renounce contrast to the Crenova.


What do you think about this list of the best low-end projectors? Do you think that one is missing? Surely, but then all the work of looking for and selecting those that have seemed most interesting within this category would not make sense. If you are fond of watching movies, I recommend you to get a cheap 4K projector unless you are not prepare to spend above $10k.

So, you have fixed, a particularity that we find advantageous within this range is that all the devices are very compact and lightweight. Being low-performance, they do not require complex systems. Which allows to encapsulate them in smaller boxes.

If you liked the article and it has been helpful, we thank you for leaving your assessment. And if you need any help, you have any questions or want to raise a question, happy to chat in the comments.


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