Want to know what the top 10 best fps games coming out in 2018 are? Yeah here’s an article that’ll get you anticipated about next year, earlier today,  I wrote a post about top 10 games you should never Miss out playing on your android device, so how I’ve got a new one that’ll give you goosebumps most especially if you’re an hardcore gamer.

2017 has been a good year with highs and lows, we’ve seen different unveilings coming from top game producers, lots of new gaming accessories and many more, but now we’re about to face a New Year soon,  and probably a new beginning,  so much announcements and lots of unfinished projects which will be completed next year, announcements like Sony games which will be available to Android and IOS devices as of next year,  I’ll write about that soon though. But today’s article focus mainly on some of the best first person shooter games we should all expect to see in 2018, am sure y’all will want the New Year to arrive asap after reading this article, so let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Fps Games Coming Out In 2018

10. Escape From Tarkov

Escape from tarkov is one of the best game people are urging to see in 2018, yeah it’s an fps online multiplayer player game, and while we’ve seen games like counter strike and other online fps games taking over the net, I believe escape from tarkov is about to follow the same lead as well, you’ll surely love this game once it’s released, and the good things is, it’s available on platforms like PC, Xbox, ps4 and so on.

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9. Dead Island 2

Dead island 2 is an upcoming open world horror game,  this game is really cool and it reminds us about some of the best Zombie games we’ve played, dead island 2 features in 3 popular states in the united state of america, this stayed are los angeles, San francisco and also carlifonia, this game features different mechanisms unlike it’s previous version and it has some cool gameplay options like rage and crafting abilities, with no official release date for this game but it’s said to be available on windows, ps4 and Xbox one.

8. Battalion 1944

Battalion 1994 is an fps multiplayer game, it is currently in early access though, as we all await it’s official release date next year, this game cover up a lot of features from some of the popular wars games we’ve played previously, it is said to be built on its dedicated servers due to it being an online game, there’s much more to expect from this game, the trailer version will get you excited though, but everything awaits us in 2018, so we just have to wait till it has been released.

7. Midair

Midair is another game currently going under development till further notice, this is one of the free to play fps game you’ll love when it as been released in 2018, it’s a really cool game and it’s let’s you enjoy some certain features like large open maps and availability of many vehicles, riding on jet packs and skiing are both Included, but other features are unannounced for now, all will be revealed in 2018.

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6. Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

Most gamers should definitely know mechwarrior from its previous series, 2,3,4. But now 5 is set to be released and there has been some buzzing news surrounding it, solid mech warrior type game,  it’s been a while since we had that, so i guess this game will open the eyes of other game publishers into developing a nice meh robot game like this.

5. Overkill’s Walking Dead

After much criticism of the previous Walking Dead series of games produced by telltales, this new series is set to be their best so far, based on my opinion, this game could make a big hit once it has been released in 2018, this game will feature on ps4 and probably windows PC, but all awaits us till 2018.

4. Metro Exodus

Metro exodus
Top 10 best fps games coming out in 2018

Metro exodus is a fantastic fps game, it’s a game of survival horror and stealth elements, player must cope with the new environment hazards and also engage in combat wars against unfriendly creatures, it’s an highly rated game so everyone is really buzzing around it.

3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Don’t be surprised this game is in the list, we all know it has been released already but they where some announcement that it was really scheduled for 2018, so we’ll definitely expect some changes cause this game will undergo some patches changes like they said, but overall graphics from this current one, it’s really cool game.

2. Call Of Duty 2018

Call of duty 2018 is also scheduled for 2018, and while there is no official title to it, there’s has been rumours that it could be title COD WWII because it featured entire an underground game play that is very similar to the wwii war, no official announcement has been made but we expect this game to be released in 2018.

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1. Far Cry 5

Far cry 5 is an open world fps game, where players can roam the city via foot and also various vehicles, similar to its predecessor, far cry 5 is set to be the best of the rest, this new far cry actually featured in hope county Montana, and it speaks about a preacher Joseph and how it rose to prominence ,there is much more to know about this game but,  we have to wait till February 27, 2018 and this game is available to windows, ps4 and Xbox one.

Above all are the best games we all should be expecting in 2018, tough the descriptions might look short as this isn’t an official review about them, but with the few you’ve read, you could understand every thing about these games, so don’t forget to share and comment.


  1. Call of duty WW2 is out already. We are looking at an entirely new title coming 2018. Rumors has it that it might be Call of duty Ghosts 2


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