Best emulators to run various android and ios apps are listed in this article, in case you’re wondering on what or which emulators does provide the best option to run Android and iOS apps, this article will surely give you an insight about that, so take your time to read.

We android and ios users we sometimes like to do multiple things at once, which is why our phones provides less stress with their multitasking features, yeah its cool but sometimes we always like to do this using our pc, but some of the apps we run on our mobile devices aren’t really available for pc users, which is why we have emulators to run apps, emulators are third-party software’s that lets us run program’s which are not basically developed to run on some devices, we can use them to run ganes, apps and also software’s.

Searching through search engines, we’ll find different types of emulators, but most of em don’t seem to work perfectly, which is why we’ve listed the best emulators in terms of running Android and iOS apps on your pc, we’ve also stated how you run them once downloaded, so follow the article to know more about these emulators and how they work.


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How To Run Android And IOS Apps On PC Using The Best Emulators

We’ll be listing at least the best 5 emulators to run android and ios apps on pc, these emulators works 100% and based on our reviews about them, they never disappoint.

1. BlueStacks Apk Emulator

How to run android apps on pc

BlueStacks is so far one of the best emulators to run android apps, released in 2009, it has had over 210+ millions users and it continues to grow significantly, with BlueStack you can run different kinds of apps on your pc, it has the best interface and it is very simple to run and understand.

How To Run BlueStacks On Pc

Step 1. BlueStacks comes in two types , we have bluestack for windows and we have for mac, depending on which os you run, we’ve provided two downloadable links to download the software, downloading is the first step, so download and install.

  Download For Windows

Download For Mac

Step 2. After installation, run the the bluestack emulators, make sure you’re connected to the internet, then locate the search box, search the name of the app you wish to install, then click download.

Step 3. After downloading the app,  return back to your bluestacks emulator homepage, you’ll find the newly installed app there, double click on it and wait for it to run, that’s how to run android apps on pc without facing any sort of erros.

2. Arc Welder (Apk Emulator)

Arc welder is an extension on chrome broswer, but as we all know chrome is one of the best browsers to browse on both pc and mobiles, it has lots of awesome features that you’ll like.

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How To Run Android Apps On Arc Welder

Step 1. Download and install the arc welder on your chrome broswer using this link

run android apps with arc welder

Step 2 . After installing the extension, now download the apk file which you wish to run on the arc welder, you can download apk file from third-party sites like apk4fun, zippyshare, apk mirrors and co.

step 3. To locate the arc welder, check the left corner of your chrome browser, you’ll see an icon named as app, click on it.

Step 4. after clicking on it, now select the apk file which you’ve downloded, then set the display type for the app, its as simple as that, that’s another easy method to run android apps on pc.

The above emulators are the best emulators to use when it comes to running android apps on pc, now we move to ios section, we have about two emulators which allows you to run ios apps on pc.

Running IOS Apps On Pc

1. Run IOS Apps With Ipadian Emulator

Ipadian emulator is an adobe air based emulator which lets you run any kind of ios app on your pc, and of course it has a self built in store, which means you don’t need to download any app from the app store, follow the steps below to know how to run this app.

How To Run Ios Apps On Ipadian

Step 1. download and install Ipadian on your pc, this software is available on bith Windows and mac os, and you can get it from the download link below.

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  Download Ipadian

Step 2. You might want to have the latest version of Microsoft net framework installed on your pc, but if you don’t have the latest version, you can download it by clicking here.

Step 3.  After installing both framework and Ipadian, now launch Ipadian, it works just like bluestack, search and install your favourite apps.

2. Air Iphone Emulator

Air Iphone emulator is another best ios emulator software you can use, it has all instructions on how to set it up, it also requires having the latest net framework installed on your pc , you can download it by using the download link provide below.

   Download Air Iphone

Final Words

Above all are the best emulators you can use to run both android and ios apps on pc, these emulators are the best you’ll find out there and they work perfectly, incase you don’t don’t understand or gotten lost in one of these emulators , kindly notify us by using the comment box, and also don’t fotget to share this article, it might be useful.





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