Some couple of years ago, simulators and emulators were introduced, and they let users operate software that is compatible with some other operating system. Guess you’ve ever wondered if you’re ever going to play PSP games without a play station. Well that’s actually possible with just a psp emulator apk. PPSSPP Gold Apk which is available on playstore is outrightly the best psp emulator for android devices and it is very much available.

PPSSPP Gold Emulator is a medium for you to run PSP games on your android device. The application do not hold any psp game in.default. You do have to download PSP games which is compatible with the ppsspp gold emulator apk and enjoy the feel of an awesome gaming on your Android device. The PPSSPP emulator apk is just 23MB in size and still you can enjoy intensive gaming on your android device. There’s no more need to bother about getting a playstation with your money.

ppsspp gold emulator apk


The PPSSPP Gold Emulator apk is of two versions which are available. There’s the free and paid version. You can go for either of them. Though there are more additional features which are available in the paid version of the PSP emulator.

App NamePpsspp Gold Emulator        
App Size23.5MB
Root AccessNot Required
TaskPsp Emulator
Category Os Emulator
Last Update2nd Feb, 2018
Required Android Version 2.3 upward

The paid version of the PPSSPP Gold emulator is available on Google PlayStore with a one time fee of 5$. Yea, it’s cheap, but who doesn’t like free things. Why pay when you can still play your games with the latest version of the ppsspp gold emulator apk. All you need to do is download and install on your Android device.

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The PPSSPP Gold Emulator app is developed/written in C/C++ language. This is a benefit for all psp gamers as the performance and graphics level will be a bit high-end. You would be able to play high-end graphics games without any frame drops in your Android device.

Formerly in the past, the ppsspps emulator for android has had issues. There were also some problems the app had with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android device that has been fixed with the latest update and version of the ppsspp emulator gold apk. With every update of this app, there has been an improvement. So why not download this ppsspp gold emulator apk and get gaming with high-end psp games.

Platform Download Files      
Android Download
Windows Download
Linux Download
Blackberry Download
PSP Games Compatibility:

Though not all games support the emulator, but there are several others which do support it and can be played using the ppsspp gold apk. You can also search for iso or rom of any app and download and install them using this process.


Yea it’s cool you can take your Android device anywhere you want and play your psp games, rather than spending that much cash on a play station which you just can’t carry everywhere. This is a major reason you should get a good smartphone and use the ppsspp emulator.


PPSSPP Gold Emulator apk is outrightly compatible with almost all platforms. Either on your Android device, PC which runs Windows or Linux, you can install the ppsspp emulator apk and enjoy your psp games.


With this emulator, the gameplay will be far better than any other device within same range. With the moderate settings, you can easily play high-end graphic games. Though you can’t compete it with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, your gaming experience won’t be bad either.

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Playing a high-end Android game on your android device would lag a lot without the ppsspp gold emulator. Even the normal car racing games has issues of ample frame drops. But with the ppsspp emulator you can enjoy your high-end game without any issue.

PPSSPP Gold Apk let you play high-end PlayStation games with much better performance. Make sure you’re good at setting up PPSSPP Graphics Setting for android.

PPSSPP Gold Apk Installation Settings

  • First download the .apk psp file
  • Now under security settings in your device accept installation of apps from unknown sources.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

  • Then click on the apk file you downloaded and install it.
  • Immediately the psp emulator apk is installed, you do need to set it up to start your gaming.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

  • Open the installed app, follow the below instructions to know how you can download and install psp games to play.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

How To Install PSP Games On Your Android Device Using The PPSSPP Gold Emulator

There are two working medium used to download and install psp games and play them. There’s the PPSSPP Homebrews Store, and downloading the game file and installing it directly.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

PPSSPP Homebrews Store

  • Open up the psp gold emulator app and then go to PPSSPP Homebrews Store.
  • Click on “Download from the PPSSPP Homebrews Store”.
  • In a little sec, compatible psp games will be loaded on your android screen.
  • Click on the one you want to play and install it.
  • The game will be installed on your device amd you can play it at anytime using the ppsspp gold emulator app.
  • When playing it, there would be a difference between it and any normal Android game, cause it would have a better graphics interface than the normal android game.
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You can also choose to download any psp gold games from any other source and install it in the ppsspp gold emulator app. Follow the below laid down procedures to install .ISO, CSO, or PSP ROMS in PPSSPP Gold Emulator app.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

  • Now after downloading the ppsspp compatible game, move the .iso or .cso file to your internal storage (file should not be hidden or kept in a hidden folder).
  • Now open PPSSPP gold apk and navigate to /PSP/Games/directory and select the psp game iso file.
  • Click on install and then you’re done.
  • Immediately installation finishes, it will be shown in the app’s recent section.

11 Best PPSSPP Gold Emulator Compatible Games ISO/ROMS For Android

List Of Ppsspp Gold GamesDownload ISO/CSO Files          
1. God Of War: Ghost Of SpartaDownload
2. Tekken 6Download
3. Gta: Vice City StoriesDownload
4. Assassins Creed: BloodlinesDownload
5. Ghost RiderDownload
6. Dungeon Siege Download
7. Need For Speed: Most WantedDownload
8. Dragon BallZ: Shin BudokaiDownload
9. The Sims 2Download
10. Smackdown Vs Raw 2k14Download
11. Soul CaliburDownload

Getting bored of playing same games over again? Well if you want to try out something new and high-end graphical, I’ll list some of the best PPSSPP Gold games for Android devices which you can play using the PPSSPP Gold Apk.

ppsspp gold emulator apk

Wrapping Up

The PPSSPP is one of the best psp emulator app available. The pair version of the ppsspp emulator app is more better than the free version. With the PPSSPP Gold Emulator apk you cam play high-end resolution graphical games on your Android device without any lagging. You can get either of the versions on playstore and enjoy high-end gaming. Thanks And Have A Nice Day.


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