Ps3 is one of the best gaming console ever released by sony, it’s recognized for its enhanced quality graphics and good sound quality, all the available games on this console brings nothing but joy when playing them, which is why non ps3 users do sometimes wish to play ps3 games even without having to buy the console.

In todays article, I’ll show you how you can play any ps3 games on your computer, this process requires the use of an emulator, and i can tell you this emulator is the best when it comes to running playstation 3 games on computers and laptops, I’ll give a little description about this emulator, it is the perfect emulator that’ll make ps3 games run smoothly on pcs and laptops.

How To Play Ps3 Games On Pc With RPCS3 Emulator

Before giving out explaining the steps, i think knowing and reading about this emulator should be recommended, cause it also needs requirements if you’re to use it on your pc and not having what it takes to run this emulator may result in failure to play any game you want.

What Is RPCS3 Emulator

RPCS3 is an emulator that lets you run ps3 games on your pc with convenience, this emulator is built with one of the popular programming language called C++ and it runs only on windows and linux os.

RPCS3 developers had put a lot of efforts this emulator and making it run over thousands of playstation 3 games so far, their recent update makes the likes of God Of War 3, Infamous, Gran turismo playable and i can assure you these games will run without any glitch, having the perfect requirements for this emulator makes everything more easier.

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RPCS3 Requirements

  • Intel Quad-core, AMD Hexa-core or any X64 CPU processor
  • Vulkan Compatible AMD, Nvidia card or OpenGL 4.3 GPU
  • 2GB RAM minimum, 8GB maximum or above
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Linux 64-bit
  • PlayStation 3 .PUP system update file
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime
  • A self-dumped PlayStation 3 game
  • A USB controller

How to Install and Setup RPCS3

Before proceeding, do ensure your pc matches the requirements listed above, if not, try and install the needed software’s then proceed, getting the best quality as the one seen on ps3 it self might come as a 50/50 chances due to your hardware configuration.

Step 1. You’ll need to download the rpcs3 folder and extract it on your computer, use the download button below to download the file. Download RPCS3

Step 2. Once you’ve downloaded and extracted the rpcs3 file, now you’ll need to download the ps3 system update software, download the file and save it in the rpcs3 folder, use the button below to download the ps3 update software. Download File

Step 3. Now launch the rpcs3.exe file then go to file> install firmware, then select ps3 software update file you downloaded (PS3UPDAT.PUP) open and install.

How to play ps3 games on pc with Rpcs3 emulator

Step 4. After installing the file, now go to the game controller section, select your game pad to your preferred configuration.

Step 5. Now its time to run a ps3 game, a  self dumped ps3 game  actually, this comes in two varieties, .pkg or .rap format, now extract the game using the default rpcs3 package installer found in file> install .pkg

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How to play ps3 games on pc with Rpcs3 emulator

Step 6. Any .pkg files that has being installed will be automatically moved to a folder named \dev_hddo|game| while .rap files will be saved to |dev_hddo|home|00000001|exdata|, then Blu-ray files will be saved to |dev_hddo|disc|.

Step 7. It’s about time to run a ps3 game which you had downloaded, to run  a ps3 game,  go to file in the RPCS3 folder, then click on either self/elf or just boot game, then select the ps3 game you have on your computer, once the game loads, you can choose to configure or leave the default configuration.

How to play ps3 games on pc with Rpcs3 emulator

Final Words

That is all about how to play ps3 games on pcs with rpcs3 emulator, note that this emulator doesn’t play all ps3 games and some are still under development, getting the requirements for the emulator makes everything lot more easier, hope you like the article, don’t forget to share and comment.


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