NBA 2K18 is awesome basketball game one can play on their phone,this NBA 2K18 game on android will be very nice to play.

Nowadays i saw that many people are interested in basketball simulation video game in mobile so there by i am presenting you with the links to download NBA 2K18 apk with OBB file for free.

The download link will be at the bottom of this article !

NBA 2K18

This is the best basketball simulation game one can play on their phone with awesome graphics and legendary gameplay,one can enjoy this game to fullest.


It has added many of the features and development has been made into this NBA 2K18 game,it has return with My League game mode which enables the player to selecting all the basketball operations for the specific time.

My Carrier is the most amazing game mode one can play on,in this mode player selects their own customizable basketball player and plays through their basketball player in the matches of NBA 2K18.

The creation tools have been newly created that is new body types and body textures are available,so you can make your own body player look good and awesome.

This Game has also offered with the old feature My Team feature in which one can select players to make their team and can compete in different tournaments to win.

My GM mode enables the player for managing all the basketball operations for a specific team.

The My Carrier in NBA 2K18 is very awesome game mode,this mode features a storyline to compete in games as well as off to get involve in the off court activities.

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This game introduces a new feature to NBA series that is Neighborhoods,which tie into all the game modes present in this game.In addition to allow access to the others features of this game too.

Neighborhoods is the mode in which when player plays it can feature in an open world design in which players can explore many other different thing while interacting with the other players.

Several activities can be done in this game to increase attributes,there is also a purchasable store from where user can purchase different things like jersey’s and other stuff for real money which simply means this game has in App Purchases in it.

Gaming Experience

This game will give you the best gaming experience ever as it have many of these game modes one can choose from and all of these game mode are very awesome to play.

It also gives you the best and real life gaming experience one can have on their android devices.

This simulation game is very nice in its basketball stream and one can have long lasting great and awesome experience while playing this game, all because of these developers of this game.


NBA 2K18 was nominated for the “Best Sports/Racing Game” at the Game Awards and came in the third place for “Best Sports” at Global Game awards 2017.

Also this game was “Game, Franchise Sports” at the upcoming 17th Annual NAVGTR Awards.

Download Links Below

Download Apk

Download Obb

Download Apk Mod

If you need any help on installing this game, we’ve a tutorial on how to install apk, obb and data files on android device, every detailed information you need is in the blue link, so check the tutorial out.

As the nba 2k18 is the king of the basketball court.

and now after reading this article you have this game in your android phone. enjoy  guys !!

we hope you have much time enjoying this awesome game, just like we’ve added nba 2k18 to our articles, we also have some games which you’ll like to play, you can check our android mod category to check them out, we’ll also be updating more games anytime from now, so make sure to check our blog everytime, you can also speak to us via the comment box, thanks.

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