Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus is the best phone I would recommend because it comes with all the necessary and awesome features one need in their smartphones nowadays.It starts from $249.99 and is very good phone one can have.We will talk about the Features of this device below.

Power of Machine :

This device has Octa-core 2GHz processor which lets you use apps easily without any interruption.It comes with 2GB of RAM which gives an outstanding performance while switvhing between other apps.

Display :

It has 5.2″ touch screen LCD with HD 1080p and 424 ppi and also it has the extra large screen.Also has the slim body which comfortably fits in your hand and also has the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which can resists scratches.

Camera :

Rear Camera comes with 12MP which lets you take awesome and stunning photos for day or night.The front camera comes with the 5MP which lets you take an awesome self portraits.


Awesome internal memory storage of 32GB which is very much good enough for storing your photos,videos,apps and other files too.If this is not enough for you,you can expand it upto 128GB by simply inserting the microSD Card.
Security :
It comes with the fingerprint sensor which is now used most of the times.It makes the task a lot more easier with unlocking the phone with just your fingerprints.It aslo have pin,password,pattern like any other phone features.

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Battery :

It has a good amount of battery of 3,000 mAh which is good enough.Use apps,listen to music and do other stuff without worrying about your battery.It also has an awesome battery saver which saves your battery to very much extent.


  • Accelerometer : It is used to find out the continuous force of gravity.
  • Ambient Light Sensor : This is used as backlighting controls in any number of LCD display application.
  • Proximity Sensor : Used to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.
  • Gyroscope Sensor : To help determine the orientation and it uses earth’s gravity for this.

Networks :

It has Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,Hotspot which lets you transfer data and one can also gain access to Web with it.It is dual sim phone which means you can insert two nano sims in it.4G LTE phone with awesome internet speed.

At last I would highly recommend one to buy this awesome feature phone so that one can enjoy all the best thing in same device.It costs you only $249.99 which is pretty good with all those features.

Have a Nice Day.