Computer virus are never friendly to computer users, which is why most computer owners do get scared when they have an unknown virus on their computer, but we’ve all been hearing about virus and malwares, but am sure none of us knew about some of the most dangerous computer viruses of all time, well we are listing them in todays article.

Computer virus are an agent of destruction once they get into ones computer, they sole purpose is to invade privacy and destroy most of our life works, valid informations could go missing via a computer virus, photos, videos and any type of files stored on one’s computer can go missing, which is why most computer users don’t joke with antivirus and other malware software’s, but today we’ll be listing the most dangerous computer viruses and their sole purpose once they get into our computer.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Virus Of All Time

1. ILoveYou

Name sounds sweet though as it looks sounds romantic, but here’s what I’ll tell you about this worm computer virus, it is very dangerous and it is responsible for recking over 10 million computer users on its own, this virus spreads through emails and it comes with a title ‘iloveyou’ and it has an attachment named Love-Letter-For-You.txt.vbs, once an user clicks the email, it will automatically move it self to its victims address and override so many thing’s and the computer won’t be bootable for few moments, this virus was created by two Filipino hackers named Reonel Ramones and Onel De Guzman.

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2. Yankee Doodle

Yankee doodle became known during the 1980s, this virus was created by a bulgarian hacker, this virus poseses threats towards files with .com and .exe, this virus plays it self as a tune, and it plays around 4pm once its in your computer memory.

3. Nimda

Nimda if spelt backward stands for ‘admin’ this virus was created back in 2001 and it uses email address, servers which look vulnerable, file transfers to spread it self, this virus spreaded rapidly with 22mins, making it internet most widespread virus, this virus does nothing than to reduce the internet traffic.

4. Conficker

Conficker is a computer virus that targets Microsoft Windows os, this virus was firstly observed back in 2008, it uses windows vulnerabilities to fetch admins password via dictionary attacks and also forming a botnet, this virus affected over 190 countries and even government computers were infected as well.

5. Storm Worm

Storm worm is deadly backdoor trojan horse which was developed back in 2006, storm worm deceives users by sending them an email about a storm disaster which caused the death of 260 victims in europe, this virus turns any computer into botnet once they click the fake link in the trojan email, storm worm as infected over 8% of computers globally.

6. SkyNet

Skynet is a very funny computer virus, after deriving its name from the popular movie titled terminator, this virus does nothing than to slow down ones computer and display a red background with some text saying ‘don’t be afraid, I’m a very kind virus, you have done a lot of work today, so i will let your computer slow down. Have a nice day, good bye. Press a key to continue ‘ the virus can only affect files with .exe

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7. Zeus

Zues is a type of malware which spread through downloads and phishing schemes, this virus was discovered back in 2007 when it was used to steal valid informations from united states transport services, this virus is one of the virus that takes time to get detected because they run using stealth mode, and this makes it difficult for most antivirus to detect this virus, Zeus caused massive destruction during it’s time and that makes it one of the deadliest virus ever.

8. MyDoom

According to reports stated on febuary 1 2004, mydoom had infected over 1 million computers and it was also said to be one of the deadliest computer virus attack till date, mydoom attacks its victims computer by sending them an email which contains a message saying ‘andy, I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry’ so when a victim opens this email, there’s a code that that takes over the victim’s email and sends the same message to the victims friends and families, it keeps on spreading rapidly.

9. Stuxnet

10 most dangerous computer virus of all time
Stuxnet virus

Stuxnet was said to have shut down tons of iranian power plants, this virus was discovered in 2010 and it only target are industrial computers.

10. Cryptolocker

10 most dangerous computer virus of all time

Cryptolocker is a trojan virus that spreads rapidly through email, this virus was said to have affected over thousands of computers, it locks it victims personal files and can’t be unlocked until the victim pays a ransom fee to the developers of the virus, reports also claimed that the developer of this deadly virus had made over 3 million dollars from different victims.

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These are the deadliest computer virus so far, we have heard of some about last year, virus like wannacry, judi malwares and many more, but they don’t stand a chance against these old time virus.


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