Looking at the years back when lagos state, the smallest states among the 36 states we have in nigeria and probably one of the most important economical state in nigeria was once the federal capital territory of our great country nigeria, years after it lost being the federal capital territory of nigeria to abuja, aftermath we’ve been hearing people debating about lagos not having the same rank as abuja, some even said its too over populated, but in this article, I’ll give you reasons why i think lagos is better than abuja.

We can all debate or argue sentimentally, but here’s the thing most people don’t seem to understand about lagos, lagos can be as noisy as most people think it is, but has anyone ever wondered why most people from rural areas do come to lagos to hustle and make ends meet!! Here are some few things you need to know about lagos and why it is better than abuja to my own opinion.

Reasons Why Lagos Is Better Than Abuja

1. Cost Of Living – this is one of the major part we need to analyze on when comparing this two amazing states, like i said earlier, despite the over population in lagos, people still want to come and live there, everything is easy, renting an apartment is cheap, you don’t need to have millions before you can get an apartment that matches your budget, unlike in abuja, price’s to rent an apartment scares the hell out of people.

2. Best Tourism Places – when It comes to tourism, yeah abuja is below par with lagos, lets take a look at why lagos is so popular, in lagos you’ll find one of the best 5 star hotels in nigeria, lagos hosts one of the biggest, richest urban areas in nigeria (lekki) the best event centers in nigeria are all in lagos, this has really attracted the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and some of the big names in the world to come visit lagos.

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3. Transport Is Cheap – there’s a reason why you can never get lost in lagos, even as a first timer, cause in lagos there different types of transportation system and most of them are cheaper than you can expect, with various vehicles and motorcycles and tricycles, you’ll get cheap transport to reach your destination.

4. Employment Opportunities Is Easy – life is really easy in lagos, and when we talk about getting employed for a specific job, employers in lagos don’t really bent on you having the best academics certificates, they need your ideas, it’s what you have in your head that matters to them most, and if you’re someone with good innovations, there’s high chances of you getting a job easily.

5. Dreams Turning Into Reality – there have been situations where someone from a far state will dream of coming to lagos and making it big, yeah its true and it happens most times when one follows the right part when getting here, lagos can make your dream come true, im lagos you’ll be open to different opportunities and you’ll mingle with different people, different jobs and so many more.

6. Cheap Flights To Reach Your Destination – i could tell that all airlines in lagos airports offers cheap flights to any destination, lets take for example, travelstart offers cheap flight from Lagos to Abuja​, even with the little amount you have, you can still be rest assured you’ll get a cheap flight in lagos.

I hope I’ve given you every reason to be convinced that lagos is far better than abuja, although there are many points left out, but i just stated the core  points for a better insight about lagos, lagos is dream state for everyone to visit.

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