Keyboard apps for android are somewhat like a third-party apps we do install on our android device, they offer the same purposes but have posseses different features, so if you’re an android user and you need the perfect keyboard for your android device, you’re at the right spot as we are going to list out some of the top 5 keyboard apps for android.

Most times  when we buy new android device, it comes with a pre-loaded keyboard, while some  prefer to use the pre-loaded keyboards, some prefers to try out different options and as we all know the wideness of the google playstore, we’ll find tons of apps and games that’ll suit our device, so we’ve made few researchs on some of the best keyboard apps in 2018 and we will list them below, according to their respective ratings and positive reviews.

Top 5 Keyboard Apps For Android 2018

1. Swiftkey Keyboard
SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

Ever wondered why swiftkey predominance can’t be overlooked ever since it was developed? well its the best keyboard app you’ll find on the planet, with over 250million active users it continues to impress it’s users with new features, no interface and good usability experience, with its artificial intelligence, swiftkey automatically learns how you write and also monitors emoji, its auto-correct and adaptive words, this keyboard provides the best features which you’ll enjoy so much.

2. Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah keyboard is the first of its kind, its the first 3d keyboard app you’ll find on playstore, what i love most about this keyboard is that, it has good user experience, it’s very fast, its ads free, it has a wide range of online dictionary that lets you search for music, videos, movies and more, this keyboard is very perfect and it makes your typing skills very fast as it provides accurate suggestion of words and phrases, it has lots of features like the online dictionary which lets you search for anything, you’ll definitely love the smart reply features too as it automatically give you three word suggestions depending on the type of message you receive, there are more features which you can enjoy with this keyboard, it’s a nice piece of development, very fast and reliable.

3. Gboard
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur

Google keyboard is one of the best keyboards out there that’ll provide you with all the features you’ll want from a keyboard app, google keyboard also comes with speed and reliability, default search box, glide typing, voice typing. Gboard is an awesome keyboard too with more features like search and share, emoji search, gifs, multilingual typing and also the translator which lets you translate any words without minimizing the app , everyone loves gboard and it’s googles official keyboard and we’ll find them mostly pre-loaded on devices like pixels and nexus.

4. Touchpal Keyboard

Touchpal is another outstanding keyboard with over 300 millions active users, just like every keyboards listed above, touchpal also has all the best features you’ll find in a keyboard, consistent using of touchpal will help you increase your typing speed and accuracy, it has a wide range of gifs and emojis which makes typing more fun, touchpal has had many accolades over the past few years, anyone who use this awesome keyboard can testify to its awesomeness.

5. Fleksy Keyboard
Fleksy- Emoji & GIF Tastatur
Fleksy- Emoji & GIF Tastatur
Developer: Fleksy
Price: Free+

Fleksy is a totally fun buit keyboard, its the fastest light keyboard you’ll find available for android devices, fleksy is a keyboard with aweosme natural gestures, easy customization and tons of gifs and emojis, with over 40 languages, you’ll love the multilingual typing features and yes it swipe features is awesome too and it gives user a good experience and doesn’t eat up space like other heavy keyboards.

Final Words

Above all are the top 5 best keyboard apps for android in 2018, each one of them has different features compared to one another, but they all do the same job of improving our typing speed and give us more accuracy, using any of these keyboards, you’ll find fun like never before, hope you like our article,  don’t forget to share and also leave a comment if you have other keyboards that needs to be added.

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