I have seen many issues regarding the lack of ram, so here today in this article i will be telling you how to increase ram of my android device using sd/memory card with simple  technique.

And i will personally recommend following the below listed commands as it will be very much beneficial for one if they want to play big android games or run any other big tasks but are having shortage of RAM.

We need more ram so we can run the big android games very easily on our android, but due to lack of ram our phone gets hanged while we try to play the big games and then we are really frustrated.

This is a big problem which can be solved by just a simple method by just using the memory card, the instructions are given below.

How To Increase RAM Of Any Android Device ?

You wan to run big games on your android device but you are lacking shortage in RAM,these simple steps will lead you to play the big android games on your android device.

We can simply increase the RAM of our android device by using the memory card, so your first step is to download the application called roehsoft ram expander which is having very great reviews and is very much recommended by its satisfied users.

About Roehsoft RAM Expander

This is simple and very helpful application one can use to increase the RAM of their android device very easily, but one of its drawback is that you have to pay 2$ or something like that amount to the play store to use the app.

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But don’t worry if you already don’t have any money ? no worries i will be providing you with the apk for roehsoft ram expander down below for absolutely free.

    Download APK

Solving the simple question of how to increase the ram of my android device !

Steps To Increase RAM Of Any Android Device

Step 1 : Download this application for free from the above link which i have given to you.

Step 2 : After you have downloaded the application open it and then you need to access the root permission.

Step 3 : After that you will see 3 lines in that in which one is named as SWP FILE.


Step 4 : Now increase as much as RAM you want to increase till 4 GB.

Swap Acive
Swap Active

Step 5 : After you are done with the above step click on Swap Active.

Select The Partition
Select The Partition

Step 6 : Now Choose the memory card in the file options which are showing up.

Creating Swap File In Progress
Creating Swap File In Progress

Step 7 : Now be patient as it will take some amount of time to create the swap the memory.

Step 8 : Now after swapping is done it will occupy your memory but it won’t show you the occupied RAM in the settings.But the memory swapped will work like a RAM.

So now you can easily play big android games or run any other big application on your android device easily without worrying about the RAM again.

So here was the simple answer on how to increase ram of any android device !

Well the app which we used here as an example doesn’t work on all android device, even if it’s rooted , but as usual, we always like to provide an alternative solutions to our articles, which is why we feel you should also check out the Best Ram Booster Apps For Android 2018, you’ll find all the listed apps helpful, they work really well and doesn’t require rooting.

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Any queries regarding this article or any other will be answered down below in the comment section, feel free to ask us questions.


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