As on demand i will today be showing you how you can download PUBG Mobile for absolutely free on an Android device.

PUBG is the best game one can enjoy on their high end PC’s but now they have releases PUBG Mobile for every android users out there,so today i will be sharing apk + obb data download link at the end of this article.

PUBG Mobile is the best free roam world game one can have on their android device, the interesting thing is that PUBG Mobile also has Multiplayer Battle, one can enjoy very much and compete with the players around the world.

Dowload Links for both APK And OBB will be provided at the end !

Overview(PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

This Game is the best free roam 3-D game one can have on their android device right now as because i will be providing you guys the download link at the end from where you can download it.

PUBG Mobile is the game same as the PUBG in PC’s which is such a great thing and all the features are almost same.

As it works in multiplayer battle mode with other players.In PUBG game upto 100 players come into an island and all of them fight among each other and kill any person they see near them so they can rank in the list.

The ranking work is simple if you are the last and the only survivor left in PUBG game, which means you have reached #1 Rank by elimination the players, and if you get killed you are ranked according to your kills and also you current position.

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Multiplayer Battle Mode

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

This is the only battle mode available in which you connect in the lobby of 100 players from around the whole globe and compete against each other to win the battle.

This battle is so much awesome that first you have to search for guns and ammo, then hide and play is the only technique which will lead you success, don’t play loudly just be calm and kill your opponents when you see them.


PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

GamePlay of this PUBG game is pretty much awesome and is very simple to control your player.Sound of movement and also shooting is realistic to great extent.

You can also team up with your friends by creating a private lobby and attack other players and win together, no type of cheating is there in this game and everyone plays fairly.

Teaming up with your friends in PUBG Mobile you can also communicate with them over voice chat.

Lot of weapons are provided to the player, but they have to search for it first, and many types of weapons will be available.

In APP Purchases

There are many types of in app purchases in PUBG Mobile like if you need your player to look awesome you should buy clothes from the store with actual money, other coins are also available to purchase which unlock many chests.

But these types of things are not necessary to purchase,so you can easily play this PUBG Mobile game on your android for free.

Providing the download links down below !

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Download APK

Download OBB

If you don’t know how to install this game on your device check it out from here how to install apk and obb

Now you are having pubg mobile on you android device, now go compete with other online players.

enjoy !!

Any queries regarding installation or anything else will be answered down below in the comment section, feel free to ask us anything !

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