Do you have a website and you are working on that and now want to do Off-Page SEO for your Website/Blog? If, Yes then read this post carefully I will tell you 6 steps to do on Off-Page techniques. So read all steps carefully and follow it.

  • Directory Submission
  • Responses
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Profile Link Building
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Commenting

These are the points which are important for Off-Page SEO. Now I will tell about these points in briefly.

How to do Directory Submission

Directory submission is basically websites like “phone directory book” where you make backlinks for indexing your website. These websites are high Domain authority. Which helps your link indexing very fast. In these directory websites, you get “Do follow link” and it will help you to index very fast. You can search directories on google by typing ” List of Directory Submission Sites” there you will get the list of these directories.

How to make Responses

“My response is on my own website” is a group of websites which allows you to get instantly approved backlinks. Here you can make “No follow links”. In the starting, these websites have “Do Follow Links” But some bloggers used it in the wrong way that’s why they refuse to give “Do Follow Links”. You can search this website by typing *My Response on my own website “your Niche” * and you will get lists of these websites.

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How to do Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a way where you can make backlinks to your website and get good ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). These social Bookmarking websites have high Domain Authority and it will help you index in few days. You can sign up here and leave your website link there and get a backlink from that Social Bookmarking website. These websites give both Do Follow and No Follow links it depends on that social bookmarking website what’s the nurturer.

How to do Profile Link Building

Profile link building sites are those websites where users can sign up and can create a public profile, for the main purpose of making a backlink from that profile. The link will help to pass funnel link juice from the profile creation site to yours. You can search these websites by typing “list of profile link building websites” and you will get hundreds of list for profile link building.

How to do Article Submission

Article submission is the way for getting backlinks from another website whose domain authority is higher than yours. In this trick, you write articles for those websites who will give you backlinks. These backlinks can be Do follow or No follow it depends on what type of link they will give you. Before submitting an article you have to clear from that website owner what type of link they will provide you.

How to do Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a very easiest way to getting no follow backlinks, you can do the number of comments on another blog whose Domain Authority is good against your website’s Domain Authority. For doing blog commenting you have to search that blogs who allow comments on their blog. You can search these blogs on google just typing like this * Site: “your niche” and you will get numbers of websites who allow comments on their blogs.

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