Game killer is an android app that makes almost everything easy on games with in app purchases, this app only works for rooted android device, but it lets rooted users hack any game they’re playing, game killer is a very light app, doesn’t cause any bugs when used.

Maybe you’re tired of  a certain level in a game or you don’t have money to make all those in app purchases, everything comes easy with the help of this app, you can easily hack into any game and do whatever you like.

How To Hack Any Android Game With Game Killer

Due to some restrictions from different game developers, am afraid game killer won’t work for all games that is being run with it, but there are still chunks of games which can still be hacked with game killer, in this article, I’ll be showing you how you can easily hack into any game by using this game hacking app, this only works for rooted android device, so non rooted users should expect less from it.

Game Killer Description

Game killer is a free android app that lets you use cheats to modify your favourite video games, it works with code injection from the background of app you’re running, by doing this you can enjoy some tweaks which will help you unlock levels, get unlimited money and unlock some other items.

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Features Of Game Killer

Reading all it’s descriptions are much more different than knowing the key features from this app, although this app comes wit a lot of features in it, so I’ll be listing them out.

  • Unload Code
  • Hex Edit
  • Search for game worth with an exact number
  • Search game volume with either bigger or smaller directions
  • Lock video game value to a repaired number

Game Killer Latest Apk Download

You can get the direct download link for the latest version of game killer, once downloaded, all you need to do is enable unknown sources then install the game, make sure your device is rooted, download the latest version of game killer below.

Download GKiller

How To Hack Any Android Game With Game Killer

The method to hack any game with this app is very easy and straightforward as well, just make sure you follow up the steps accordingly.

Step 1. Just like I’ve said earlier, this app only works for rooted android device, so make sure your device is rooted perfectly if you want to enjoy this trick.

Step 2. All you need to do here is download the game killer apk, you can download it with the above link provided above.

Step 3. After downloading the apk file, if your unknown sources has been enabled before, you can proceed with installation, but if not, you can use the image below to know how to enable it.

game killer

Step 4. Now run and minimize the app, then open the game which you want to play, once the game has been loaded, you’ll see some tweaks appearing on the screen, it might look confusing though, but it’s the game killer options that you’ll use if you want to get more coins or pass a difficult level.

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Test On Kingdom Rush Frontiers

If you’re used to playing this game, you’ll know that without enough gold and lives, you won’t enjoy much time playing this game, the below image shows how the number of gold in kingdom rush frontiers where edited using them game killer interface, the max value of gold where set to 99999, which will override the current number of gold available.

That’s all on how to hack any android game with game killer app, please do remember that there’s no guarantee this app works for all games, but it works for most games that has been tested with it, hope you like the article , and don’t forget to share and comment.


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