Gta 5 Apk + Obb Download For Android

Gta 5 apk + obb now available for download on android device, although this game was actually available to gaming consoles like pc, play stations, Xbox and wii, would you believe if i tell you you can now have the Gta 5 apk +obb on your android device?, i know its hard to believe there is a real gta 5 apk and obb  due to the fake or mod one’s you might have downloaded. But here’s what I’ll tell you, Gta 5 apk + obb is not like the other fake mods, its a beta version, but it’s not affiliated by rockstar games, so no need to fear of wasting data to download something that doesn’t worth it, in todays article, I’ll show you how you can get gta 5 game running on your android device, without any stress.

Grand Theft Auto (Gta) has been one of the popular open world games as far as i can remember, starting from the first grand theft auto that was released back in 1997, their have been different series released aftermath, my favorite is and will always be grand theft auto san andreas(gta sa), Gta 5 is also a cool game and yes its still the only game from the gta series that has the best graphics quality and that makes it difficult for consoles with low requirements to play it and same applies to Gta 5 apk + obb, you’ll also need an high end mobile device to run this game.

Gta 5 on android unlike other Gta’s you might have played, like i said, this is a beta modded version, incomparable to the fake ones out there.

Game Features

If you’ve played gta 5 or any gta from the gta series, you’ll surely realize most gta version thus have different features, some gta has bike riding features and while some don’t, but here’s what I’ll tell you, gta 5 has all the features combined together.

  • Vehicles. Gta 5 has the highest record of most cars in the gta series, as a player you’re entitled to all cars, jet skis, helipad, airplanes and most fascinating part you can ride on a submarine to explore  the sea and also travel unseen.
  • Running Business. If you played gta iv, you won’t be new to this, now you can run different types of business and an example is the bugstar pest control company which happens to be a fumigation company.
  • Weapon Updates. Gta 5 has also record the highest number of guns than any gta in gta series, you can use any type of gun and also mount big guns for bloody shooting.
  • Character Customization. Now you can change clothes for each players and also update their wardrobes, you can also tryout other features like tattooing, mask wearing and also changing of facial hair.
Links To Download Gta 5 Apk + Obb

Download Apk

Download OBB

If you need any help on installing this game, we’ve a tutorial on how to install apk, obb and data files on android device, every detailed information you need is in the blue link, so check the tutorial out.

Installing Gta 5 On Your Android Device


As we all know, when downloading large file games from outside source, we’ll need to do some certain things and need to have an app called es file manager or any extraction app. To install the apk file, Go to Settings>Security and tick on unknown sources. Now install the es file manger and extract the obb file which you downloaded, you’ll see a file named com.rockstargames.gtav, now move the file to either your sd card or internal memory, but make sure its moved inside Android>Obb folder.

Final Words

once you followed the steps, you can now enjoy playing the gta 5 nicely on your android device, don’t Forget to share with friends, if you have any errors, feel free to drop it in the comment box, don’t worry, we reply fast.


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