Google Pixel 2 boot animation is one of the best features you’ll want to have on your android device, and as we all know how much boot animations helps in making smartphones look very attractive, today I’ll show you how you can get the latest google pixel boot animation on your android device, so follow this article to know more about it.

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If you’ve used about 3 different types of Android device, you’ll always notice each device has its own different boot animations, well it’s a very common thing among Android manufacturers, every manufacturers always want to make their android devices get more attractions in the market, and while some just want to look different from others, an example is the new google pixel 2 boot animation, it’s totally different from any boot animations you’ve ever come across, and while it’s only available for pixels devices only, there’s a way you can get it running on your android device even if it’s not google pixel product, so read this article to know more about it.

How To Get Google Pixel 2 Boot Animation On Any Android Device

You’ll need to have a rooted android device before carrying out this tweak, so if your android device is not rooted, don’t bother about it because it won’t work.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Google Pixel 2 Boot Animation On Android Device

Step 1. Making changes to boot animations requires the downloading of the boot file it self, you can easily find that on xda developers forum or you click here to download the zip file directly, do ensure this file is saved on your android device.

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Step 2. After completing step 1, step 2 involves downloading and installing of an application called Flashify, this app is one of the best apps in terms of boot loading, you can download it via the name provided in blue text.

Step 3. Launch the flashify app once installed, then click on the zip file option, which is shown in the image above, after clicking on the zip file option, you’ll be asked to select a zip file,  so locate the boot zip file which you downloaded, after selecting the file,  now click on cmw, then yup options as shown in the screen.

Step 4. After completing the above steps, now restart your android device, you’ll notice a change in the boot animations, it’s done and it’s as simple as that.

That’s all on how to get google pixel 2 boot animation on any Android device, we hope you visit us more after reading the article, don’t forget to share and also comment if you have any enquiries, thanks.


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