Earn Free Airtime With mCent Browser – With the way the world is going, I can say not everybody can afford the high rate of internet data and calls expenses.

Not everyone out there can even be proud of saying he or she’s got some amount of airtime enough to make their calls or even purchase a small amount of data to surf the net..

Now that is so bad. Without the internet and socialization, life do be boring for someone in this jet age.

Well to every problem there’s a solution.

Do you know you can be able to get free airtime daily by just surfing the net??

No I guess you didn’t. But it’s real..

Now you’re itching to know how this works.. Don’t worry l’ll Go straight to the point..

Requirements For This:

  1. An android smartphone
  2. A working SIM Card
  3. Atleast 40MB of data in any of your Sim

I got all these.. What Should I Do Next? (The Question You’re probably asking me in your mind now)

Ook lets move on.

Download mCent Browser Via This Link

You See The Link Up There?? You Need it to get this working good and fine.

How should I use this link?

Copy it or just click straight into your browser. A pop-up of the available app stores you got in your phone would come up. Choose on any of them app stores (Playstore Preferably). Download the browser that would come up next.

After Downloading And Installing, Sign up with your mobile number. The one you would want to receive the free airtimes on.

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Surf your favourite websites with the browser. By doing so, you earn points which you would turn into airtime.


Once you have upto 1000 Points or more, kindly add to your account.

Then you can cash it out by tapping on View Account.


I’ve personally earned upto 2k airtime with this in just two weeks.

You can give this a try and see if I’m Fooling around with you…

But one thing I’m assuring you is that this would surely work for you..

A Bonus: You can also get unlimited virus free apps and games from apk4net.com

All in all Good Luck And Enjoy…


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