Dolby atmos lets you enjoy sound enhancement on your android device, in todays article we are going to explain how you can get dolby atmos installed on your android device even if it’s rooted or not rooted, just follow the simple steps that’ll be shown to you below.

There’s no doubt why android os is incomparable to other mobile os you can name, it’s widely used by everyone and it’s adaptability of different types of apps is what makes it special and also, different tweaks can be carried out in this operating system, its an open source mobile os and while some apps can’t be installed directly in normal mode, some can be installed in recovery mode, just like dolby atmos app, you’ll only find this app in top mobile brands like Samsung, Sony or Pixel devices, it’s an app that enhances sound quality and for you to get it on your normal android device, you have to install using the best method, which is via recovery mode, everything you need to know will be explained below.

How To Install Dolby Atmos On Android Device

This is a very straightforward method, it doesn’t require a specific set of knowledge before it can be carried out, just follow the the steps below.

Steps To Instal Dolby Atmos On Android Device

  • Step 1. You’ll need to boot your device into Twrp mode and for you to do that, you must press and hold volume down button + power button, but before going into twrp mode, make sure you download the dolby atmos file via this link Download Here
  • Step 2. in the twrp, you’ll find delicate files which if by mistake tampered with, might affect the whole os, once you are in the twrp, try and locate install, you’ll see storage files, locate the downloaded dolby atmos zip file and install.
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Install Dolby Atmos On Android

  • Step 3. Once you’ve selected the file, now proceed with installation, the file will be installed among system files, once it has been installed, now reboot your android device, once rebooted you’ll see the app icon in list of your app.

  • Open the app and work on setting the perfect sound enhancement you need, its very simple and you’ll surely like the new audio sounds you’re or will he listening to.

Final Words

That’s the best method which you can use when it comes to installing dolby atmos on rooted and non rooted android device, if you have any queries, feel fee to use th comment box, we’ll reply you as soon as possible, and don’t forget to share our article, we’ll be ┬ádelivering more.


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