pseudonym wu xiaojing a 21 yrs old woman from Chinese lost her right eye sight after spending 24hrs non stop gaming on her mobile phone, later on she was later taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with retinal artery disease.

Chinese Woman Loses Sight After Playing Mobile Game For 24hrs

Mrs Wu who happens to be an accountant said that she’s an addict to a game called honor of kings, she said sometimes she spent 8 hrs playing this game with no food in her stomach nor even a single cup of water, she also said she doesn’t go to toilets because of this game

On October 1 the incident happened after she finishes with her dinner,  aftermath of the incident,  she narrated some stories to global times,  saying if I don’t work, sometimes I stay up around 6am then play game until 4pm, I’ll eat something, take a nap, wake up and continue playing until 1 or 2am, although her parent had warned her about a possible blindness if she continue to live a life of nonstop gaming.

After arriving at the hospital, she was diagnosed with retinal artery disease or I’ll rather say retinal artery occlusion( RAO)


Medical reports had claimed that retinal artery occlusion is a medical state where blockages occurs in one the arteries that carries blood to the retina, in most cases, things like this only occurs during old ages and it sometimes leads to permanent loss of sight.

According to the doctors statement, pseudonym wu xiaojing has less possible chances of having normal eye sight and doctors also said that excess eye focus on screens can also be a cause of retinal artery occlusion.

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It’s a moral lesson for game or any entertainment addicts, the eyes are one of the component part of human body,  once it’s gone,  it’s gone, external darkness occurs, it’s advisable to limit the way we expose our eye balls to screens, sight has no replacement and the only replacement it has is blindness so limiting too much contact screens is best advisable.



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