Technology has gone crazy over the past few years and it’s everyday we see new inventories and new ideas, well we know China is one of the top countries when we talk of technology, and now there’s a trending topic which is catching everyone’s attention, it’s actually for security reasons and am sure you’ll want to read about it.

Chinese police now wears a dark tinted glass which lets them easily identify suspects easily without having to stop them or hold them for questioning, this glass is really cool as it runs a background check on individuals personal details, names, address and ethnicity.

The glasses where worn at a   train station ahead of the new year rush, an individual will hardly notice it’s a spy glass, this glass connects to a secret database which contains the details of every criminals in the country, wearing this glass, it gives police officers an edge as they can easily get individuals name, address and ethnicity, meanwhile police at the Zhengzhou were said to have arrested 7 criminals who where suspected to be involved in a kidnapping and hit n run incidents, during an operation which was reported as of last week ‘the media said’

It was also said that about 26 individuals are in detention for walking around with fake identification cards, sounds interesting though.

There have been lots of pictures online and some of the operation pictures where shared to social medias, in it there’s a female officer wearing the glass, it has a camera attached to the glass right hand lens, the camera is connected to an electronic lead to an hand held device. The device comes with an app that let’s police offticers process the images of suspicious individuals.

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Reports claimed this glasses will be rolled out in more places in china, and so far it has had positive reviews and maybe little nagative reviews, but it will reduce crime rate and also make work easier for police officer. Would you like your government to implement something like this in your country? If yes,  let’s hear from you, give your opinion about this new glass, the comment box is available for you, we approve comments immediately you drop it.


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