Change imei on android without rooting – well its more easier than i thought and with just few steps to follow, you’ll be able to change the imei of any android device without undergoing rooting process before you can carry on, well all know this only works on rooted android device, now it works perfectly on non rooted android device too, but we’ll also provide the steps on how to change imei on rooted devices also.

Changing of a device imei is quite beneficial for any respective users of android device, it easily opens up opportunities to enjoy twice what a normal android imei can offer, sometimes people tweak imei for internet reasons and some tweaks imei in order to make double use of paid applications on their android device, it’s cool though but at times improper tweaking of imei can damage one’s device, but in todays article, we have the best method to tweak or change imei on non rooted and non android device, so let’s get started.

Things Needed To Change Imei On Android

  • A stable internet connection on the device which you wish to change its imei.
  • You’ll need a rooted android device for this, non rooted is needed too.
  • Download and install exposed install on your android device Download Xposed
  • You’ll also need to download imei changer app on your android device Imei Changer

Changing imei is of two types, the first option is for changing imei on rooted android device, while the second is for changing imei on non rooted android device, btw both options works perfectly.

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How To Change Imei On Rooted Android Device

Before carrying out this step, do ensure you met up with all listed requirements above, once done, you can now follow up with these steps,  and also note that this tweak works perfectly, especially on android 6.0 marshmallow.

Steps To Change Imei On Rooted Android Device

  • You firstly need to know what your current imei number is, you can check by dialing *#06#, write it down.
  • After completing the above steps, now open the exposed app, then click on imei changer app as the default module then click on restart device.
  • After device has been restarted, open the imei changer app, you’ll see your current imei number and the new number you can use for your device, choose the new imei number then type it in the available space for new imei, then click on apply button.

How to change imei on non rooted android

  • Once you’re done with the above steps, restart your device.
  • Now to confirm your imei has been changed successfully, dial the code to check, *#06#.

How to change imei on non rooted android device

After checking and imei doesn’t seem to change, kindly restart the whole process again from the first step.

How To Change Android Imei Without Rooting

The only requirement here is getting a mediatek chipset processor, this lets you change an imei of any android device without rooting, if your device possess the mediatek chipset processor, then this is the best option for you.

  • You’ll need to download mobile uncle tool on your android device, this enables you to open engineering mode on your android device, Download
  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed, now open the app, then go to engineer mode and select mtk.
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How to change imei on non rooted android device

  • Two options needed to be selected , first click on CDS information ,then also click on Radio information.

  • After doing all this, you’ll observe there are two options for phone 1 and phone 2, if phone 2 is unavailable, then you can use phone 1.

  • You’ll see an option AT+ after the last step, meanwhile in the third step you’ll be asked to input in your new imei number after AT+, give space after AT+ then input your new 15 imei number.
  • Once done, click AT command after setting up your new imei, then restart your device.
  • Once your device has been rebooted successfully, now check if your imei has been changed by dialing *#06#, if it doesn’t work ,then you might have to start all over again.
Final Words

When it comes to changing of imei on android device ,these are the two best methods you can use, if you find any of the steps listed above confusing ,then you can use the comment box and communicate with us, we’ll reply back asap, well we hope you like our article on how to change imei on both rooted and non rooted android device, don’t forget to share.


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