As we all know,  the much more anticipated iPhone x which is set to be launched on november  3rd can now be bought at a price ranging from $6000 on its day of its launching, although there has been claims that the initial price is supposed to be $999 and above, a twitter user had tweeted about spotting a pre order of iPhone x on eBay, saying it actually cost $6000.

Almost every active internet users heard about the announcement made by apple some weeks ago, part of the announcement was the unveiling of iPhone x which is scheduled for launching by november 3, but there has been high demands so far and this has made it a limited supply.

Meanwhile,  iPhone x is already on sale on eBay, you being a fan of apple and you see your self as a non resident in the united state of america, here’s a chance for you to buy it once it’s being launched, but seeing the price placed on it can actually make you change mind on it.

Although $6000 seems to be unstable, not just because because a pretty order of such amount was spotted but if we look at iPhone x, a device with 256gb mobile storage with an initial of $1,149, but like I said earlier, the price looks to be unstable but if you take your time exploring eBay, you could see iPhone x with a price tag of $3,500.

To be honest, am not fazed with the prices because it’s iPhone x we are talking about and it’s limited to worldwide users on its launching date, but it’s clear others might still have interest in it,  so here’s the question, will you buy from eBay or rather wait till it reaches your country,  but lol you’ve been anticipating for to long and it’s obvious you’ll want to buy.

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