Bypass app rooting detection on any android device with this easy steps I’ll be showing in todays article, you won’t have a problem on any apps that fails to work due to having root acces on your android device, every solution you’ll need are well written and explained below, so check them out.

Everyone loves to tweak his or her android device, and tweaking an android device involves rooting it first and we all know there are tons of benefits when one roots his or her phone, okay you’ve rooted your android device and aftermath of the rooting, you realize some of your apps don’t work due to the security measures that doesn’t make them work on rooted devices, it’s quite infuriating at times cause the app might be very important, well there’s solution for every problem, so i have a solution here and it will help you out in a situation like this, so take your time to read about it.

How To Bypass App Rooting Detection On Android Device

Difficult situations becomes easy when one takes the proper steps needed to get it solved, so therefore you’ll only need to disable root access from any apps that refuses to work due to your android device being rooted, so just follow the steps below to get this error fixed as fast as you can.

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Steps To Bypass App Rooting Detection On Android Device

Step 1. A rooted android device should definitely have Xposed installer available on it, but if you don’t have Xposed installer, then you need to get it on your device.

How to bypass app rooting detection on android
Xposed Installer

Step 2. If you’ve had Xposed installer already installed on your android device, or you just installed it, there an Xposed module called RootCloak, this will let you run apps on android device without any issues.

Step 3. now all you have to do is install the rootcloak app on your android device then enable it via Xposed installer.

How To bypass app rooting detection on android device
Enable Rootcloak Via Xposed Installer

Step 4. After completing the above step, now you just have to reboot your android device, it is recommended and failure to do so might require you starting over.

Step 5. After your device has been restarted, now open the Rootcloak app then navigate to rootcloak settings, now you’ll need to add the app which you wish to hide from detecting root access, now click on Add/Remove Apps, then click on the + then select the app or apps that refuses to work after rooting your android device.

How To bypass app rooting on android device
Add Apps With RootCloak

Once you’ve done that, now close the app then try opening one of the apps that couldn’t work due to root access on your android device, any selected apps should definitely work.

Are There Any Other Alternatives??

Well there is another method which you can use, it’s the best and the whole steps are very easy to carryout.

Bypass App Rooting With Magisk Manager

Magisk manager is another great app for rooted users, with much similarities to SuperSu, but looks more advances due to the awesome additional features it possesses, one of those features will be used and explained in the below steps.

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Step 1. for rooted android device, you’ll need to download the magisk manager app from xda forum, you can also download directly via the download button shown here Magisk Manager

Step 2. once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to enable unkown sources from your device settings, you can do that by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources  then tick on it to get it enabled

Step 3. Once you’ve done that, now click on the magisk manager apk app then install it on your android device.

Install Magisk Manager

Step 4. After installing the app, now open it then grant it permission via SuperSu, after granting permission, you’ll see a text that says install in the magisk manager interface, click on install then wait for some time for it to install.

Magisk Manager

Step 5. After that, you’ll see a detect button, click on it and wait for it to scan while the app identifies your boot image, after scanning, you’ll need to click on the button that says download & install, then proceed to next step

Step 6. now select magisk hide, from the menu right-hand side, then select the app or apps which you wish to  hide it root access.

Magisk hide

Once you’ve selected the apps you want to hide from detecting root access, you’ll see a section that looks just like the below image from your phone, now you can easily use those apps without facing any error.

Magisk Hide
Final Words

With the above steps, tou can bypass apps that detects rooting access in your android device, its very easy only when you follow the steps according to the way they’re being explained, hope you find the article helpful, don’t forget to deop a comment if you have any issue’s regarding this tutorial.

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