Third-party apps, am not fazed because I know almost every internet users use them,  these are apps that are developed without an official statement but still works fine and doesn’t cause any harms when using them, this brings up today’s article Top 5 Best Third-Party Whatsapp Apps And Their Uses, we all know how popular whatsapp is and how much tweaks that’s being released since its announcement, but there are some apps that does the extraordinary, things you can’t find or use on the normal whatsapp app, I’ll be listing some out and also explain how it’s works and am sure after reading, you’ll want to install them straight up.

Top 5 Best Third-Party Whatsapp Apps And Their Uses

1.Dual WhatsWeb: 1 WhatApp Acc in 2 Phone(Multi WA)
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Ever wondered if you could run two whatsapp accounts on one app,  yeah it’s very possible and With dual whatsweb, you can run two different accounts on one app or even run the same accounts on multiple devices, not magic though, it’s  just intelligence, whatsweb unlike other apps, requires no root and it works perfectly on all device.

2. Empty
Developer: MW Developers
Price: Free

With empty, you can play pranks with you friends or whatsapp contacts, this app let’s you send blank messages to your contact, stuffs like this as we all know, can’t be done on the normal whatsapp app, but with empty, you can do it. All you need to do is just install the app, choose the contact which you wish to send the blank message to, then click on send, he or she will get shocked or probably ask you why your text went blank.

3. Unseen
Unseen - Kein "zuletzt online"
Unseen - Kein "zuletzt online"

Unseen is one of the trending third-party whatsapp apps you can get in the play store, if you’re trying to read some messages and you don’t want the person who you’re reading his or her messages know you’re actually reading it, then unseen app is the perfect app to help you out, it requires no root and doesn’t need any settings,  once installed on your device, any messages coming into your whatsapp will be intercepted by the unseen app, with this you can read a message without getting noticed by your contact, this app is cool and doesn’t only works for whatsapp, it works for facebook messenger and Viber too.

4. Status Downloader For Whatsapp

Whatsapp status introduction is actually fun though, but it becomes annoying when you see someone’s status and you like it and wish you could have it on your device, well some don’t like to ask, maybe cause of ego and unimportant stuffs, but with status downloader for whatsapp, you can easily download any status you see, how does it work, all you need to do is to view the status from your original whatsapp app, then open the dual whatsapp and click on scan, after scanning you can choose to save the image to your file directory or share to social media.

5. No Crop
Keine trimmen für WhatsApp
Keine trimmen für WhatsApp

No crop for whatsapp, with less description, this app let’s you use upload any image on your dp without having to crop it, it’s a really good app in terms of giving you the perfect image shape when uploading to whatsapp profile, you can also add frames and borders to your images, this makes it look awesome.

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That’s all on Top 5 Best Third-Party Whatsapp Apps And Their Uses,  I hope you find this apps useful, as for me they’re cool, no stress,  no root and no tweaking,  just install and start using, hope you like this article, if you do then don’t forget to share and comment.

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