Some weeks ago i wrote an article about the best gaming laptops you can buy in 2018, and am sure anyone who goes through that article can’t help but to say yeah i listed those laptops according to what they can offer, but here’s the thing!!  they’re quite expensive, that’s what people say, and if we look at the acer predator 21x laptop, that worths millions  in some currencies outside USA.

In a more realistic world, we know there are tons of laptops there, we have the ones for work (private) and also ones for fun, and thanks to the advanced technology world we live in, everything has been made easy as we can have both gaming laptops and work laptops.

Well I’ve decided to help you out on contemplating on your budget for a gaming laptop, I’ve realized people thinks the expensive laptops are the ones who offer the best gaming experience, this really makes one go indecisive when it comes to buying laptops for gaming, but the cool fact is that, even laptops who don’t have much prices on them can still offer the best gaming experience, here’s a tip ( even with $1000 or below, you can still get a laptop that’ll give you the best graphics, fast speed and nice sound quality ) so clear your mind and go through this article, you’ll find the best laptop that matches your budget.

Best Gaming Laptops You Can Buy Under $1000 ( In 2018)

We are going to list out 10 different kinds of laptops, i can tell you that these laptops aren’t just pieces of technology, they’re also an element of massive quality gaming experience, so check them out.

10. HP Pavilion X360

Best gaming laptops under $1000
HP Pavilion X360

If you where told you’ll get a gaming laptop of $780, you’ll probably want to argue of no possibility, well here’s a thing about h pavilion x360, its a very portable touch screen laptop with a 360° rotation, with 9hrs max battery life, you can enjoy longer duration when playing any type of games, this laptop comes with 14 inch display and also the 7the generation of core processor, intel core i7, 1tb hdd drive, 8gb ram and 940mx Nvidia dedicated video card, as cheaper as it is, this laptop can offer you the best gaming experience.

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9. MSI GL62M 7REX-1896

Best gaming laptops under $1000
MSI GL62M 7REX-1896

We all know msi laptops are one of the most recommended laptops one will be advised to go for, that’s quite true though, and there’s every reason for you to buy msi gl62m 7rex-1896, of course its a laptop that’ll give you joy when playing games on it, with geforce gtz 10-series gpu installed in it, you can enjoy an advance speed when playing games, and of course it’s uses the 7th generation of core processors, intel core i7, 8gb ram, it also has the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4G GPU vga card which will provide the best grahics, there’s whole reason for you to go for this laptop as it only cost $959.

8. Acer Aspire V3-574G-5VY

A laptop with full resolution and high definition that lets you enjoy gaming and also givens you quality when watching movies, at $850 acer aspire is laptop you’ll love to buy and not just because it’s cheap but we can also consider it’s amazing specs. With its 15.6 inch display, you can get the best quality out of your images and video’s, it uses core i5, 2gb dedicated nvidia graphics card, 1tb hdd and 8gb ram + windows 10 64bit os, there’s every reason to buy this laptop.

7. Lenovo Ideapad Z500

Best gaming laptops under $1000
Lenovo Ideapad

Lenovo ideapad costs $867 but it worth it, lenovo ideapad is a powerhouse laptop, going through the details of this laptop i realize it’s really cool and one can spend his/her money on,  it has a 15.6 inch screen,  and we all know this is an important spec when it comes to buying gaming laptops, in lenovo ideapad you’ll get the best specifications for a laptop of it’s worth, core i5 processor 8gb ram DDR4 ram generation, 1tb hdd and a dedicated nvidia geforce 940mx 4g, there’s every possibility you’ll enjoy enhanced gaming  on this laptop.

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6. Acer Aspire F5

Best Gaming laptop under $1000
Aspire F15

Acer aspire f5 is one of the cheap laptops you can buy for a fixed amount ,although it costs $921, but in some cases you can get this laptop at a rate of $850, acer aspire f5 laptop has core i5 processor and ddr4 4-32gb ram, a dedicated video card of nvidia geforce 940mx and a capacity of 1tb, there’s no need to contemplate, honestly it’s a good laptop with a good price.

5. Hp Omen 15t Gaming

Best Gaming laptop under $1000
Hp 15t Omen

From Its name, one could tell it’s a laptop dedicated to gaming alone, hp omen has the best specifications you’ll need for a gaming laptop that cost not less than $1000, sometimes i feel its too cheap for that price, at $1,019 you can’t predict how awesome it will be to have a gaming laptop as cheap as this one, hp omen uses the 7th generation of core processors, an amazing 12gb ram, 1tb hdd and a dedicated nvidia geforce gtx1050 and a 15.6 inch display, no need to waste time, you can get it bought.

4. Dell Inspiron 7000 Series i7559

Best Gaming laptop under $1000
Dell inspiron 7000

A laptop of 15.6 inch 4k led touchscreen with a stunning waves of maxxaudio pro, i can quote a description for this laptop, probably gaming in paradise (haha) honestly at $1000 static price, i think no one will neglect buying this laptop, it’s really cool and as much i can say,  you’re probably looking at one of the best gaming laptops under a cheap rate, with this laptop you can at least enjoy a 10 hours battery life, 1tb hdd, 16gb rom and also an extra 250 ssd for extra fast loading of applications and also a nice nvidia gtx 960m, too cool to be cheap though.

3. Lenovo Legion Y520 

Best gaming laptops under $1000
Lenovo Y520

lenovo legion y520 at a fixed price of $999, there’s no need for a second thought, cause in front of you, you’re staring at one of the best, mostly recommended gaming laptop under $1000, with its core i7 processor and its dedicated nvidia  gtx 1050ti graphics card with 4gb vram, 1tb hdd and a superb 16gb ram, you’ll enjoy mostly any type of games you wish to play, and it’s sound quality is good too and  it provides quality sound when watching movies and playing games, and it battery last for at least 15hrs.

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2. HP Pavilion 15

Best gaming laptops under $1000
Hp pavilion 15

Hp pavilion is another laptop that’ll give you all the joy you need when playing games, at $900, although price fluctuates at times but there’s every reason one should go for this laptop, even if you have a budget higher than these, once you come across this laptop, am sure you’ll want to buy, hp pavilion 15 comes with windows 10 64bit os, core i5, 1tb hdd and both 8gb ram and nvidia geforce 940mx graphics card, and a good battery life of 10hrs, a quality laptop that worths buying.

1. Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000
Dell inspiron 15 7000 Gaming

Dell inspiron 15 7000 is an  awesome gaming laptop with sumptuous specs, installed with windows 10 home , this laptop runs on nvidia geforce gtx 1060 graphics card and a 4gb gddr5 video memory, with core i5 and 8gb ram and it has a battery life of 10hrs max, at an exact amount of $1000, this laptop does worth buying.

Final Words

I guess we’ve stated these laptops well, like i said in my second paragraph about tons of laptops out there, that’s true though but we always try to get the best that matches everyone’s budget, and we always make sure to give a reason why these laptops worths buying and we just did that, we hope you found the one that matches your budget, hope you found our article helpful, don’t forget to comment and also share our article to reach more potential readers.



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