Android is so far one of the best os  for mobiles, ever since it has been officially released, there’s have been different os versions rolled out across numerous devices, but there are some common flaws which seems tough to be fixed and this errors are not just found on one specific os versions, you’ll find them even on the latest 7.0 and 8.0 version’s.

In today’s article, we are going to explain some of these errors and how to fix them easily, being an android user, I’ve come across some of these errors and with little understanding of it, I got them solved in different ways, so follow the article to know more about this.

5 Common Android Errors And How To Fix Them

1. Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped Working

This error is very common to android devices, especially the 5.1 versions, it’s a bug that hasn’t been fixed and it really sucks cause most times one needs to access the google play store and without the proper functioning of Google Play services, it can’t be possible so therefore I’ll show you how to fix this error in case you come across it. Follow the steps below.

This sometimes happens if you’re running the old version of google play services or the current versions doesn’t work properly with your current android version.

Solution 1, download the updated version of google play services from Here, this will replace the outdated version and place in a new version.

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Solution 2, sometimes this error may happen due to cache, so here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to settings>apps
  2. Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to “Google Play Services” app.
  3. Open the app details and tap on the “Force stop” button.
  4. tap on the “Clear cache, then restart your device, that should fix the bug.

2. App Cannot Be Installed

This error can sometimes be annoying because whenever we are trying to install an app from google play store or maybe from a third party site, to fix this errors isn’t that difficult and the solution is shown below.

Solution 1, go to settings> applications> manage applications, then scroll down till you see the google play store app, tap on it then click on clear cache and clear data.

Solution 2, trying uninstalling google play store updates with the steps shown below, go to settings>applications>manage applications> find the google play store app and click on uninstall updates

Solution 3, if the above solutions don’t work effectively, then you might want to try this out, but this solution is mostly for rooted android users, it involves the deletion of a folder named .android_secure folder, trying locating this folder in your SD card and delete the folder.

3. Apps Freezing And Crashing


When an app freezes or crashes, it may be  due to different reasons but the common one behind this error will be picked out, app freezes or crashes when you’re not running the latest update and sometimes if you have a poor internet connection, another case is if the app was poorly coded, all this errors can lead to an app getting freezed or crash, just make sure you’ve updated the app to it’s latest version and make sure you have a strong Internet connection and if its the poorly coded app, you might want to hold for a better one or you look for an alternative.

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4. Battery Draining Fast

It sucks when you have a nice android device with mouthwatering specs but don’t get to enjoy it much due to the fast battery draining nature, yeah it really pisses one off as you have to keep your charger close, well there are some tips that’ll help you out if you’re the type facing this error.

  1. Android System Consuming Too Much Power – this happens mostly when you use an higher version of Android os and the only way to solve this is either you downgrade your device back to a suitable os, and if you don’t want that, you can do a factory reset but make sure you do some proper backs to avoid losing datas and Info’s, but if the battery keeps on draining fast, you might wanna follow the downgrading options or replace your device battery.
  2. Google Play Service’s Battery Drain – google play services is another reason why android battery drains fast and this happens due to it’s work as a framework that powers most apps on android, here’s how to nullify it’s battery draining issue, Go to settings > applications > All Apps> Then locate the google play services app and clear the cache, this will help manage battery drainage for at least a month, so always make sure you repeat this every month.
  3. Reducing Screen Brightness – reducing your screen brightness doesn’t only save your phone from battery drainage, it also  helps protect the eyes as its being stated by the law not to use automatic screen brightness or maximum screen brightness, always try to reduce to the minimum.
  4. Keep Watch Over Background Apps And Widgets – background apps and widgets are experts when it comes to draining battery’s, widgets like new and weather runs with internet connection and we as a human don’t really think this could contribute to consuming battery, well it does which makes it advisable to remove them if we want long let battery life.
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5. Internal Storage Issue’s

Sometimes we try to install apps from play store or even try to receive files from someone, then we get this message saying internal storage is too low, and when we check our device storage, we’ll realize we have more than enough space to receive or download files, well you can check one of our post on 5 tips to free up internal storage space on android device

These are the common errors you could come across on your android device, be it new or old, here we’ve provided all Info’s you need to help you out in case you need help on some certain issues, don’t forget to share this article with other’s cause you never know who needs it.


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